Aegean Collection, formed in Melbourne, crystallized from the ideas during a trip in Europe. Sailing down the Aegean Sea, stopping by jewellery stores in Santorini, walking down the street of Venice, experiencing the Paris lifestyle, strolling along Passeig de Gracia, and inspired by the Italian styles. The experience expanded her horizon and made her more certain that jewellery is her industry. She returned to Melbourne, worked at a jewellery store, deeply passionate about the industry. She refused to follow rules, she only does what’s true to her, hence ‘AEGEAN COLLECTION’ is established.


Aegean Collection, wholly dedicated to a style of exquisite that is uniquely our brand. The true origin of Aegean Collection is to provide opportunity for women to create the style that they truly adore. Be you, express the classiest, confident and radiant you through your jewellery pieces.

‘Set yourself free, know your worth. Spoil yourself, simply because you are worth it.’